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Looking for a dentist in Gosford? Find out why more people have chosen Luminous Dentistry as their trusted dental professionals.

Here at Luminous Dentistry we have many patients who live in Gosford who love working with us to make their smiles shine! Not only do we provide services that will fix all the common dental issues you may encounter, but we also have a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. This means we use the expertise and guidance of many allied health practitioners so that you achieve the best possible treatment outcomes.



Our Gosford Dentists Philosophy

We are passionate about the local Gosford area, and strive to service the local community and businesses, with whole health and family oriented care. Having lived in Gosford myself for the majority of my childhood and having attended both primary and high school in Gosford, this area is particularly dear to my heart. I have grown up in and around this area and have made many great relationships with many of the local businesses as well as with the general community.

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The Best Gosford Dental Care for you, your children and whole family

Our mission is to make Gosford one of the healthiest suburbs in Australia! Our philosophy of functional dentistry and holistic dentistry means we focus on the root cause of the problem rather than just applying a bandaid type approach. We will use all aspects such as dietary council, nutrient deficiency, gut health, sleep apnea treatment, body posture and preventative dentistry, we believe we can provide care that will allow you to achieve total body health, as well as optimal oral health.

We also encourage our patients to adopt a preventative dental appointment regime so that we can assist with helping you maintain this state of whole body health ideology, and in turn ensure you have a smile that you are happy and confident with. Our Central Coast practice has a warm and inviting vibe, and we encourage anybody living in the Gosford area to come in for a visit and experience what Luminous Dentistry has to offer.



Dental Healthfund Claims

We work with all Healthfunds so that you can access instant on the spot claims. We are also an HCF Preferred Provider, so depending on your level of cover, you and your family may be eligible for your preventative dental appointments to be gap-free! Being a part of HCFs More For Teeth program also means that you receive more back from your fund, which lessons the gap on any further restorative treatment you may require.