Dento-Facial Injectables

Fine lines and wrinkles can show a life lived and enjoyed to the fullest, but even though they might be a natural sign of ageing, they are something that many of us would prefer not to see. Dento-facial aesthetics is a way to help minimise the effects of ageing, using gentle and minimally invasive techniques.

What are Dentofacial Aesthetics?

Dento-facial aesthetics is the use of wrinkle reducing treatments and dermal fillers to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and more deeply seated wrinkles. The effects of treatment will last for several months but are not permanent.

Will I still look natural after treatment?

We will only use minimal amounts of wrinkle reducing treatments to create a subtle and naturally refreshed appearance. You will still be able to laugh, smile and express emotion.

Why choose a dentist for this treatment?

During studying and qualifying to provide this treatment, dentists receive advanced training in facial anatomy as it is essential they understand all your facial structures and know exactly how each muscle moves your face. This means your dentist is highly qualified to provide wrinkle reducing injections. Our Principal Dentist, Dr Van Veenendaal has undertaken further education in dento-facial aesthetics, enabling him to provide high-quality anti-wrinkle treatments.

When you visit Luminous Dentistry for a consultation about dento-facial aesthetics, Dr Van Veenendaal will discuss your concerns and which treatments will help you the most.