Children’s Dental Arches

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times parents will comment on how much better their children are doing in school after having early interceptive Myofunctional treatment.

They report better behaviour and better performance from their teachers. The happiness from parents is genuine and when we have these kind of successes it really reminds me of why I became a health professional to start with – to help people.

To have such life changing moments in a child’s life is just so heart warming, and makes everything so worthwhile.

And let’s not forget allergies! There are many reports of reduced allergic rhinitis and cases where children have come off their asthma medication completely.

Breathing is the nose. The nose is the airway. The airway is the palate. And the palate is the mouth! And that’s where we step in.

This is healthcare. This is #functionaldentistry #rootcause

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