An Exciting Update from Luminous Dentistry: Welcome Dr Steven Lin!

2018 has already been such an action-packed year at Luminous Dentistry, however, I have something big to tell you.

I am proud to be introducing a new dental practitioner to our team. From this week Dr Steven Lin, world-renowned Functional Dentist and international author of The Dental Diet, joins the practice!

Dr Ben is moving on to new projects and I am thankful for all the fantastic work he’s put into the practice. Luminous wouldn’t be what it is today without all his wonderful efforts and I wish him all the best for the future.

I am always striving to bring you the most up-to-date services, and I’m excited to be bringing Dr Steven’s philosophy aboard the Luminous ship! Dr Steven is a world-leading functional dentist and his approach integrates nutritional practice into his dental care.

He’s just returned from the US after the worldwide launch of his book The Dental Diet. Now, Steven has his focus set on working to make the Luminous Dentistry experience a world-leader in preventative care.

Watch Dr Steven Lin on Today Extra

He believes dental health should be the centre of how we make our whole body healthier and going to the dentist shouldn’t be about just getting your teeth fixed. Our practice will be a leader in functional dentistry to help find out why your mouth is the vehicle for life-changing, whole health.

His number one bestselling book outlines his philosophy, as well as a 40-day meal plan to heal your body, starting with your teeth.

Want to find out more about Dr Steven? Check out his website here, visit him on Facebook, or listen to him on some of the world’s biggest health podcasts: David Perlmutter, Chris Kresser and Wellness Mama.

If you have any issues like snoring, crooked teeth in kids, tongue-ties, old amalgam fillings, bad breath or gum disease, Dr Steven’s protocols are here to heal your mouth and entire body.

If you would like to book an appointment with myself or Dr Steven please call us on 02 4334 1383 or book online.

Dr Steven and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Business Owner / Dental Hygienist